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About FXTruth

As individuals involved in the Forex Industry for a number of years, we joined together our knowledge and skills to create a team whereby we can utilise our mutual passion to share our knowledge to help benefit others. Of course, we all began in the same place; learning Forex, mastering it, and making success. However, once you have actually mastered the skill, one of the toughest parts of being a Forex trader can be finding a suitable broker. A broker to tie in with your expertly developed strategies, and desired trading conditions. This is where we realised there was a gap in the industry; it is actually very difficult to ascertain which broker might be ‘best’ for an individual. Because the reality is, even once you have fully educated yourself and taken the time to perfect your own strategies, you must then have access to particular trading conditions that will compliment your hard work and result in success.

We feel that your success in your trades results from not only possessing the knowledge and skills required, but also by selecting a broker that works for you and your trading style; we have approached brokers, as a prospective client, in order to gain full knowledge on how the broker works, so that we can relay this experience to you, before you consider becoming a client.

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